Do you often daydream about travelling and discovering far lands? Or have you been thinking of a life-changing adventure from a long time but your bank balance haunts you and straight away your mind says, ‘Nah, just forget about this!’

For a bit, carrying limited budget hindered us from discovering this fascinating planet. We admire travelling and exploring new places. We love experiencing unique cultures and road trips. We travelled to Naran Kaghan Valley, Islamabad, Lahore and Murree in Pakistan. Further along, we explored Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra in Australia.

Here’s how last year this family of four travelled from Sydney to Melbourne in a little over $900!

1. Plan your trip in advance

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Travelling on a budget can’t happen swiftly, though planning before-hand is the way to enjoy fully! With lack of a plan, you’ll end up wasting time and money after you reach your destination.

We’ve been travelling with a controlled budget from a while since the foremost work we do is to grab a pen, notebook and MacBook.

First, we decide where we should go. Since we travel with the kids, we plan our trip accordingly. Depending on attractions, the next step is to figure out the number of days we plan to stay. Given our budget, usually, a three to four-day domestic trip is enough for us to cover most attractions in the city. Here is a guide which we often used before travelling and is both genius and helpful.

2. Look for different airport options

Photo by Pascal Meier on Unsplash

Wondering what does mixing and matching the airports mean? Let us explain you.

After planning our trip to Melbourne last year, we looked at the then-current flight rates. It annoyed us after figuring out that the prices were touching the skies, and while we discovered the total travel time by car from Avalon Airport to Melbourne is just 40 minutes. We arrived at Avalon, rented a car there and saved over 50% on flight tickets alone. Crazy fact!

3. Book the accommodation wisely

Did you know that lodging often holds a major part of the expense in your trip? When you’re planning to travel with a small budget, finding the cheapest accommodation without compromising on the hotel services is the best bet for you.

For example, we found cheaper deals by booking our hotel on a weekday instead of a weekend. We’re not sure of the reason behind this difference, though it always happened with us. And we observed that the hotel rates are most expensive on a Sunday.

For our trip to Geelong (nearby Melbourne), we booked Airbnb for the first time. Initially, we were slightly hesitant, though we had an amazing experience at our host’s accommodation. The house was tidy, and all the services we asked for were present in the accommodation. As a first-time customer, the most satisfying part was receiving a 50% off from Airbnb.

4. Explore latest deals

Another generous way to travel with limited bank balance is to explore the present deals. There are various websites where you can quickly find impressive deals for many attractions, hotels and accommodations, though we’ll recommend you a few we’ve experienced so far.

We saved over 50% on the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel since we bought the tickets through ‘Experience Oz‘. Undoubtedly, their customer service was excellent, clear and concise, and the whole process from payment to delivery was hassle-free. ‘Groupon’ is another great app to find cheap deals, as we booked The Wheel of Brisbane through this site. You can find more deals Here.

Similarly, we booked Sea World Resort in Gold Coast through Booking.com. The deal involved 4 theme parks, resort accommodation and breakfast. We saved over 50% on this deal compared to the actual price.

5. Get hotel breakfast buffet

Photo by Amanda Lins on Unsplash

Ever thought how inexpensive it would be to get a breakfast buffet rather than having one outside? We’re sure there’s nothing fancier for you than getting ready for an unlimited breakfast buffet!

If you’re travelling with family or friends, getting a breakfast buffet will add value to your trip. We experienced both, since in Melbourne we didn’t grab the breakfast buffet deal at the hotel we stayed, and ended up spending big bucks on different snacks to fill our tummy for the rest of the day!

In contrast, our morning breakfast buffet in Sea World Resort Gold Coast was super tempting and fine. We’d feel full and satisfied for the rest of the day after having one. It surely added value to our trip.

Final thoughts

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

John Lennon

So, you shouldn’t hold your dreams to live a life-changing experience and plan from now. The earlier you book for a trip, the better and cheaper deals you’ll get. Choose your destination according to your budget and follow our valuable tips to endure your travel dream.

We hope that our blog post was helpful to you.

Leave a comment if you find our blog interesting and share as much as you can!

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  1. The buffet has saved my pockets many of times. Being able to come back to the hotel to eat has been a life saver when I have traveled. Love your blog 😊.


  2. One thing that I personally favor the least is planning the trip in advance. Sometimes, it takes away the element of surprise. But when you are addicted to traveling, that one seems like a petty sacrifice.

    Very practical tips. Staying home is the best option right now, however, I hope that we are all able to travel sooner.

    Thank you and Stay Safe.


  3. Very solid tips! I especially agree with looking at different airport options – I always do this one! Thanks for sharing!


  4. The buffet is such a money saver when traveling! Plus who doesn’t like an enormous amount of food you didn’t have to cook!


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