As it has been almost 3 weeks since we published our first blog, we thought there’s no better time to update you on our experience with the blogging so far. After the exact 6 days from today, we’ll celebrate our 1-month anniversary blogging! We’re so pleased to make it till here, we’re blooming!

We were afraid

The idea of starting a blog was somehow intimidating to us, especially the view of sharing our life to you and many! Although we didn’t select this move right away, and to be honest with you, it took incredible effort and dozens of hours on researching the questions in our mind: ‘What should we talk about and for what reason? Is it going to be helpful in any way?’

We were doubtful

At first, we were uncertain whether anyone’s going to relate itself or not, or if many people care about what we’re writing. We kept dwelling for many hours and we reviewed our thoughts often, though the other side of us was passionate about writing, sharing and communicating. Let us tell you our little personality trait: We’re ‘optimistic souls’. So, in the end (though it was the beginning, you know!), we thought: ‘Really! do we care? Isn’t that natural for us? Nah forget all the fearful thoughts and let’s begin what we desire! Hence, putting all the anxiety aside we finally stepped up.

We’re working hard

While you get to see the reflection of our life every week, we’ve been putting enormous effort every day into our blog to give it a great shape. No pain, no gain!

We’re learning

Blogging is a journey, a learning process we must say! Every day, we do heaps of research, we get to understand the needs of individuals to learn about our niche. We already knew what we want to address, yet we were unaware of a specific niche. Considering we were going to talk about topics like lifestyle, health & fitness, wellness, travel & tourism, parenting, homemaking, family, self-care, even our hobbies, foods and beauty, on our blog. We called it ‘lifestyle blog’. Special thanks to Erin Gobler‘s helpful post that cleared our doubts.

So this is our journey so far. I hope you stay safe, take care and lots of love 🙂

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Hi! We're Sana and Ashar, and welcome to our Health+lifestyle blog. We're a couple from Australia who are hoping to inspire people to adopt and maintain a Healthy Lifestyle. HEALTHY BODY, HAPPY MIND!!


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