Do you know that as parents, you’re likely to be the most significant influencer in your child’s life? Kids demand time, love, affection, and uninterrupted attention from their parents, and when they lack that attention, they can lose self-confidence and social interaction in the long run.

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children,”. Charles R. Swindoll

As parents, we’re responsible for our children’s training and teaching. We believe that we’re quite successful in doing that. Within our over-occupied schedule, we regularly attempt to make our kids feel special and loved. However, there are rare times when we feel guilty of neglecting our kids, too, such as during exams or with additional home/work consignments.

Children demands attention in routine days, and when it’s their birthday, their urge for our time rises even more! Our son hoped to visit the Taronga Zoo on his birthday since last year, right after returning from the opulent tour of GoldCoast. Though we’ve seen other zoos all around Sydney, visiting Taronga Zoo is still on our travel wish list.

You may have heard about the famous Taronga Zoo before. It’s the largest zoo in Australia and is located at a height, offering breathtaking views of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge at its highest point. We can imagine the splendid sights already, even without visiting.

Though sadly, we haven’t been lucky enough to make a trip to Taronga Zoo yet, because of the lockdown situation. The zoo is closed until further notice, so we’re waiting till it opens again. But since our son’s big day was arriving this week, we’ve chosen to make a mouth-watering, home-made Mud cake for him for the first time! (Our sons can go nuts for a mud cake!). A minor effort to make him feel special on his birthday.

The delicious, double-chocolate layer Mud Cake. Made by Mummy and Daddy.

Our younger son, Ayaan, turned seven this month! It’s so exciting for us to see him grow and developing maturity as the years pass by. Our son is an intelligent and talented, 1st-grade student. He’s working to building his channel ‘Ayaan’s Fun World‘ on YouTube. Please read the full story of initiating his YouTube channel Here.

We made the Double-chocolate layer mud cake with Green’s Cake Mix‘ in Chocolate Mud (we’ll review the cake in our upcoming posts). We celebrated his birthday at home, keeping the social distancing rules in mind. 

We’re pleased to see that our son enjoyed mixing, decorating and serving the cake, specially made for him by his Mum and Dad! He was full of the joys of spring. He showed his gratitude later in the night.

Cupcakes by Ayaan’s Aunt

Final words

As parents, there should be no excuse to neglect our kids even in the lockdown. What’s the big deal? If we can’t take them to the outdoors, park, play area, attractions or for sports. What matters most for your kids is your time, attention, care, involvement, and communication. Expressing your prudence by simple things such as cooking their favourite food, playing a board game, or watching their favourite movie, can be a real game-changer for your journey of parenting.

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6 thoughts on “WALK OF LIFE # 5: OUR SON’S BIRTHDAY”

  1. That is so true. Give them the attention and that alone is going to affect them so much (positively). The small little things in life are what matters. So what if its lockdown, we can use this time to shower them with our attention and love and it doesn’t take much. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂
      Kids rarely require like whole-day attention, because they crave for personal time too. But just a few minutes of full attention in a day is really positive.


  2. Sweet post. My son just celebrated his birthday last week and we did our best to make him feel special. And, he really seemed to enjoy it. You’re right when you say kids want our attention and to feel loved. Thank you for sharing. Stay well.


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