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Do you believe that the Green Tea helps reduce the belly fat? It’s a highly debatable topic among the researchers, doctors, and people throughout the world because while some studies showed the relationship between Green Tea and Weight loss. In contrast, the others condemned the concept as a whole.

In this post, I’m putting forward whether or not the Green Tea was one significant factor in losing my body fat naturally and helping you understand its impact on my weight-loss mission.

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A Common Advise you get

Changing your lifestyle and adopting healthy habits is what you’ve heard a dime a dozen when it comes to reducing your belly fat and maintain a healthy weight. The most common advice you’ll get from most people will be to add Green Tea in your daily routine. You came across not just one, but several practically healthy benefits of drinking Green Tea regularly, such as an anti-aging beverage, helping relax the body, and the list goes on.

Why Green Tea so significant in the first place?

I’m assuming that you’re well aware of what is a Green Tea since you’ve probably landed on this page while looking for some advice. You’re most likely aware that Green Tea is one of the healthiest beverage option because it’s very low in caffeine.

Originated in China, Green Tea has been used as medicine for thousands of years, and it is believed that this beverage has eminent uses for various diseases. It’s quite healthier than black Tea because it contains the maximum amount of antioxidants during processing. So, the only factor that makes Green Tea retains more antioxidants and health benefits than black Tea is the processing of both Tea’s.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that Green Tea helps you relax after a long tiring day? Since it relaxes your nervous system.

Why I believed in Green Tea?

I used to drink Green Tea just once in a blue moon when I was Obese. Green Tea was just not my thing at the time. I used to dislike most of the healthy Tea’s that are probably present in the world. I’d instead take one in Capsule form!

What I was so sure about was that it helps plants grow well and blossom, so I used to regularly water my backyard with the pure Green Tea leaves (that’s what my middle school Science Teacher taught me!).

But since I’ve been on a natural weight-loss mission, I take Green Tea not twice, then three times a day. Now, I’m a Green tea lover! There was a time when I consumed Green Tea like five times in a day. Why is that so? Because I thought it’ll help me lose plenty of fat in a short time. I was aware of the few risks, but the health benefits of these miraculous leaves outrank the risks.

Which Green Tea brand is the best?

Now that we know many benefits of this extraordinary beverage let’s look at the Green Tea brand I trust for myself and my family: Lipton Green Tea. What is so great about it? It refreshes your senses with a pleasurable aroma with no preservatives and free of artificial colors.

You can buy it from Amazon:

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Before jumping into the discussion of weight-loss and Green Tea, let’s find many health benefits of Green Tea, which is evident in many studies and known worldwide.

  • Aids healthy cells: Green Tea’s impact on cancer has mixed opinions, but it’s known to aid healthy cells in every stage of growth. No one can yet evidently say that it destroys cancer or reduces the risk of any cancer.
  • Reduced Mortality: A 2006 study establishes that Green Tea consumption reduces mortality with cardiovascular disease in particular. The study on 40,000 Japanese concluded a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular who drank 5 cups of green Tea in a day.
  • Reduced stroke risk: If taken regularly, Green Tea is also known to reduce the risk of stroke risk. It’s a small but very affirming and positive lifestyle change that we could implement for a longer, healthier life.
  • Treats Inflammatory Skin Diseases: A study reveals that Green Tea has the potential to treat inflammatory skin diseases such as Psoriasis and Dandruff. The patches of dry and flaky skin are caused by overproduction of skin cells, and Green Tea is believed to be potentially reducing the rate of growth/
  • Improves working memory: Some studies suggest that regular intake of Green Tea may enhance the brain’s cognitive functions, especially the working memory ones.

Does Green Tea reduce belly fat?

That’s a million-dollar question. I used to believe that the Green Tea has the potential to burn the belly fat.

If I look thoroughly into my weight loss, I’ve made a lot more effort to shed the additional bulky chunks of fats in my body. Besides drinking 5 cups a day of Green Tea, I heavily exercised throughout the week, got rid of every unhealthy food, took the best care of my diet, eating the right amount of meal, and watched my sleeping hours.

If I compare the other efforts vs. the Green tea intake, I’m very confident that I lost the ‘significant’ amount of weight by the other factors rather than the Green Tea itself.

How many cups of Green Tea should you drink a day?

Now when I’m pretty confident that Green Tea alone was not the only factor for my weight transformation, yet I drink Green Tea regularly. I drink THREE cups of Green Tea with Lemon a day. Now, I stick to this number because it helps me digest food and detox my body multiple times. And since I learned the health benefits, I couldn’t resist having at least 3 cups a day.

But do you know that this number is optimal to reap most of its health benefits? Precisely, 2-5 cups are recommended for daily intake!

The best Green Tea brands for reaping maximum health benefits

If you want to maximize your health with the Green Tea, you may wonder which brands are most trustworthy. The answer lies within its taste.

Always prefer natural Green Tea without any additional flavors and sugars, rich in antioxidants, nutrients, and earthy flavor.

You can order the best sips from Amazon:

What is the best time to drink Green Tea?

People often ask me what times of the day I drink Green Tea. Perhaps my most obvious answer is it depends on what your goals are. Such as if someone wants to boost itself with antioxidants and energy, then morning is the best time to consume.

If the ultimate goal is to digest food and feel lighter throughout the day, I suggest to drink after each meal.

Another fun fact: If your eyes are feeling itchy and aching for sleep after a tiring workday, the warm-wet green tea bags will relieve the puffiness around your eyes.

At the end:

Green Tea is the first health beverage that exists long before green juices appeared. Due to its potent healing qualities, Green Tea rose popularity from China and India to the whole globe. Today, more and more people are switching from Coffee and Black Tea to Green Tea for their first sip of the morning due to its many well-known benefits on health and supercharged properties. Since I lost the most significant weight by exercising continuously and a healthy diet, I believe that Green Tea helped boost energy, overcome my constipation, and detox my body rather than losing the belly fat alone.

I hope this post was helpful to you.

Share as much as you can.

I want to ask you: Do you prefer Natural Green Tea or the Flavored Green Tea? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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This post contains affiliate links, so as an Amazon Associate we get a small commission from qualifying purchases (at no cost to you) if you purchase something through the links provided that are signaled with ‘.

Are you considering getting married soon and wondering how life appears to be after that? Do you have concerns beforehand as you’re getting closer to your wedding day?

We can quite understand the anxiety you’re dealing with right now. If you read our story of How we met, you’ll better understand our thoughts when we tied knots nine years back. We were both thrilled and eager after our engagement, and we enjoyed every bit as a newlywed later. However, as the wedding day got closer, a flood of worrisome thoughts popped in mind: ‘Are we doing the right thing? Are we going to uphold each other’s habits and accept the change happily? Will our marriage last forever? And the list goes on!

Ever since we began watching Married at First Sight on channel 9now three years ago, we learned that along with the physical attraction, being compatible with each other is essential. Getting accustomed to each other’s habits and recognizing the real taste of marriage is challenging for most couples. In case you’re unaware of the show, it’s a social experiment where the relationship experts match the individuals to a stranger for matrimony. And the fun part is that the couples are matched based on their psychological study.

Couples often face confrontations and disputes, though the more frequent and intense they are, the less charming their marriage gets. It isn’t rocket science to overcome these issues through slight efforts. We’ve learned some tactics of a happy married life with our nine years of marriage, which we’re sharing with you in this post.

1. Be ready for the change

The foremost reason couples rarely get along is because they’re not ready for the shift that they’ll face after marriage. Marriage is a delightful experience when two people commit to each other. But that doesn’t mean that every other day might be a fairytale.

The most challenging time for both of us was the first year of our marriage, since we knew each other for long enough (about one year), but we were opposite personalities. We had arguments, fights, and disagreements quite often than in the later years. However, we expected these challenges and had confidence that we’ll ultimately get along to each other once we get accustomed to one another’s perspectives.

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2. Create transparent communication

Do you sometimes avoid telling your partner about something you should ideally communicate? Often it happens when you’ve done something your partner doesn’t feel comfortable doing. Understand the fact that marriage has zero space for secrecy. The more transparent you’ll be in your communication, the better you’ll get along.

We’ve been practicing transparency by :

  • Developing mutual understanding. The first step is to communicate our plans to each other. There’s absolutely nothing to hide between us.
  • We both have full access to one another’s phone accounts and passwords. It develops trust in each other.
  • We prioritize each other, our marriage and family before career, money, and friends.
  • We talk about our issues to one another before anyone else, not even the parents.

3. Trust the other partner

Trust is the critical element of your married life. Ideally, you shouldn’t have any doubts about your partner, though you may find it hard to develop instant confidence in your matrimony if you’ve faced betrayal before. Trust is earned by the time, and it doesn’t happen by itself.

A few ways we’ve been able to develop trust for each other by:

  • accepting that it’s a lifelong relationship, and without faith, it won’t last forever (which is not an ideal situation for anyone).
  • Sharing our passwords.
  • Be open about our social gatherings, friends, and family.
  • Socializing together often, keeping phrases like ‘my life,’ ‘my money,’ or ‘my friends’ at the side.

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4. Avoid fighting over money

Our arguments go beyond the limits when we drag finances between our fight. Talking about budgeting is healthy, but when you compare each other’s monthly income, and conveys a bitter side of wealth, your partner will surely go crazy.

Believe us or not, we’ve fought over money several times since we faced financial problems after a few years of getting married. Though we learned to keep those problems by:

  • Keeping the phrases like ‘My money,’ ‘I earn,’ ‘I have hold of money,’ or ‘I’m the one who owns property’ away between our arguments.
  • Developing similar financial expectations-it happens by open and honest communication.
  • Prioritizing our family life over money.

5. Keep technology aside

As mentioned earlier in this post, honest and transparent communication creates a strong wedlock. Though with the rapid growth of technology in the past ten years, the conversation couples often made previously has declined, especially when they’re together.

In these times of advancing, it’s a struggle to keep us away from the charm of devices when we’re sitting together and talking. Often, the mobile phone acts as a supportive bridge to hang out after an explosive argument. Though we learned that it makes situations even worse, and now we’ve been communicating better by:

  • Allotting a time when to use our mobile phone for messaging and social media.
  • Disabling the notifications popping on the display screen, especially for Facebook.
  • Keeping us busy in some constructive activity such as cooking together, house chores or gardening together, rather than just lying down on the couch.

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6. Develop anger management skills

Screaming matches and slamming doors are always the worst approaches one can take to settle an argument. Anger is a natural emotion in humans but often interrupts the communication, transparency, trust and respect in a relationship. Managing your anger and an angry partner is a rear but incredibly helpful skill for the development of passion.

When we get involved in a heated argument, anger management is hard, but this helps:

  • Give yourself calming time, by telling the other person that you want some time apart and silent to cool down the situation a bit.
  • Avoid topics that ignite a fierce debate, anger, and complications.
  • Rule out the cause of anger and attempt to solve the underlying cause rather than fighting over words and blaming each other.

How to calm down your anger? You may be interested in reading an impressive post Here by Yari on her blog: Baskets of Motivation. Yari helps people who are trying to navigate into adulthood. She posts great content on becoming a ‘successful adult’ in her blog.

7. Make a habit to appreciate

Often couples, such as us, focus on appreciating each other’s contributions more often in the early days, to foster a healthy relationship. Sadly, we take the other person for granted after being together for a while. The feeling of underappreciated and repeatedly getting criticized creates a lack of love, passion, motivation, trust, and confidence among couples.

Marriage is a highly sensitive and gentle relationship. Just as young children oblige an appreciation after behaving well, the adults also call for encouragement to foster romance. Recognition doesn’t have to be through exchanging gifts, as you can acknowledge just by practicing gentle phrases such as ‘Thank you,’ ‘I appreciate,’ and ‘I love you for doing that.’

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Final thoughts

The relationship of marriage is like a newborn baby, gentle and sensitive. It’s a thought process and takes considerable time to develop. Though with minor efforts, you can create an involvement and engagement for one another to carry out a long-term happy married life. Comparing your bachelorhood with the post-marital experience is a senseless approach as you move towards sharing your life with the one you love. Having trust, respect, and appreciation within usually dissolves most troubles in a wedlock.

Do you think any of that advice was helpful to you? Share in the comments below.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Share as much as you can.


Last week, while we were writing to share with you some interesting activities you can do during self-isolation (read more HERE), something was constantly bothering us from inside and that’s crazy!-our health and well-being.

Do we really need coping strategies? Should we slightly change the way we do certain things or do we stick with what we always do? 

Social distancing and self-isolation rules are imposed for good reasons. But with fewer opportunities for us to maintain our physical fitness and more time lying on our favourite couch, sadly we were kind of getting accustomed to several unhealthy behaviours and ends up increasing our weight.

While swiping our facebook newsfeed, we came across this hilarious picture 😀 Literally these were our thoughts too!

Having lost 55 kgs last year, we’ve been constantly conscious about maintaining our weight loss while following the social distancing rules during COVID-19.

This week, we’ve got so many stuff to tell you on how you can keep losing and maintaining your weight while staying at home.

1. Add herbal tea to your routine

Photo by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash

As you’re mostly sedentary these days, high chance is that you feel bloated and full right after a meal. Keep in mind though, it’s never too late to adopt a healthy habit!

We’re quite happy with a hot cup of Green tea after each meal and once in between (although, squeezing a fresh lemon is totally up to you).

Why? Because the experts say that it promotes smooth digestion and eliminates fatigue (as always, there’s a science behind this too).

Another great pick for us is the Ginger tea, which is best known to boost immunity (we quite need it as the winter is back in Australia).

Well, every cloud has a silver lining-we never tried ginger to calm our bloating problem until now. Oh, man! We’re pretty fascinated with the cure of magical properties of ginger.

You can try Twinnings Tea-their wide range of herbal tea and tasty infusions are quite promising and of course, we love their Green tea. Explore the variety of healthy infusions on their website Here.

2. Add healthy foods to your diet

Photo by Yoav Aziz on Unsplash

Quite of you agree that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Taking a few steps back from unhealthy food should give some relief to our incredible GP’s and doctors.

During self-isolation, we added more proteins, grains and fruits in our regular diet and you have to believe it! we clearly felt lighter, more energetic and fresher.

And in the long run, healthy foods are known to decrease the likelihood of gaining weight and improve general wellness. 

Orange is the top-notch fruit for you to have regularly due to its properties of strengthening the immune system and reducing constipation.

We replaced our everlasting craving of sugary drinks with green tea, thanks to the guidelines of the Healthline website. And oh! the cookies and cakes…with Greek Yogurt and Banana. And by the way, we love using the fresh and high-quality Farmers Union Greek Yogurt as a snack and side.

3.Restrict Junk food intake

Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

Oh! that mouth-watering smell coming out from a fast-food restaurant, and a pizza shop. We know it’s hard but it’s not impossible to hold out against.

If you eat a burger, pizza or an ice cream once in a blue moon, trust us, no big deal.

But, if you’re prone to regular intake of junk, remember the experts suggest that junk foods are very low in nutrition and high in unhealthy fats.

So, you may be putting yourself at greater risk of fatigue and weight gain.

Chris Farley Movie GIF by hero0fwar

With reduced physical activity nowadays, limiting the junk food will make you as fit as a fiddle.

Giving up junk food may mean less tiredness for you and fairly reduced heaviness in your gut.

A good way to avoid unhealthy foods is to getting into the habit to cook your food at home. You can try super easy recipes from With tons of appetising recipes using super simple ingredients, this site won’t disappoint you!

4. Establish a house chore routine

Photo by Grass America on Unsplash

You’re right on the ball if you aren’t planning to keep rolling on the couch all day while self-isolating, because lying on the bed for several hours (apart from the sleep time, of course) can potentially give you tiredness, inactivity, dullness and even more crankiness, experts say.

Bending to sweep and mop the floor, picking up laundry, washing dishes and cooking are sorts of light exercises you should probably try to do everyday and are extremely beneficial to keep your body moving.

Light exercise is also important for those of you working from home, to feel refreshed and more productive.

We feel a million times more active and fresher since we spend more than 80% of our day doing various house chores (of course you do not have to be like us, but no harm in trying).

Run Workout Sticker by lululemon

5. Practice light exercise 

Photo by Li Sun from Pexels

No longer going to the fitness centre or commuting by public transport? By now, you may be thinking of the ways by which you could replace those everyday fitness tricks.

Hang in there! Thankfully there are hundreds of light exercises you can do at home.

Experts suggest that working out in the morning is the best form of exercise to boost your energy and mood throughout the day.

You can try to take baby steps at first and make your way up later. We found this really interesting article on the Lifehack website Here, where we learned incredibly easy exercises to include in our morning routine.

So far, we’re working out 10 minutes in the morning and oh goodness, the workouts are great to fuel energy into our body for the day. Even our kids enjoy doing workouts with us!

6. Keep yourself active with Kids

Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash

As your kids’ sports training sessions are now on hold due to social distancing rules, you’re probably worried about their health, growth and social development.

Luckily, self-isolation is kinda blessing in disguise for your kids because now they’ve got all your time in this world.

Here’s a great opportunity for you to amuse your kids and at the same time, to keep your body moving.

While staying isolated at home, we learned that our kids feel very happy and cherished whenever we get involved with them in their playtime, yet it’s a healthy sign that we feel satisfied!

Any sort of outdoor activities amuse them and to be honest, it’s an amazing feeling to see them growing. We play cricket, football, do crazy dance, jumping jacks, bowling. 

If you like to get more fun ideas for indoor activities, check Here

7. Wear Activity tracking device

Photo by Kamil S on Unsplash

An activity tracking device? How can a fitness tracker make you moving? These questions might pop up in your mind but believe us, it’ll be as helpful for you as it was with us during the initial days of our weight loss journey!

A fitness monitor is an easily wearable device to track your activity level throughout a period.

Fitness trackers such as a Fitbit and Apple Watch aren’t only helpful in maintaining your activity levels, but more importantly, they can prompt real motivation to keep yourself active-that’s exactly what it did for us.

Our actual weight loss journey started from the point when we bought Fitbit Flex 2 for the first time. An incredibly amazing device, waterproof, easily wearable wristband, affordable and accurate! Since we lost over 55 kgs, We’re so grateful for this device to be our best friend forever!

Just set your activity targets on the app and monitor your activity daily to achieve your goals.

8.Manage stress and anxiety

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

We understand that it’s a tough time you’re going through right now-with lots of ongoing pressure, we soon realised that anxiety levels are unhealthy for us, our family and our relationships in the long run.

So, managing your stress is vital-Luckily, you’ve got heaps of relaxation techniques to relieve stress.

Yoga and meditation is known to be the best technique to take away your anxiety.

We found that closing our eyes in a quiet place is incredibly helpful to manage stress-listening to soothing music or reducing the caffeine intake in your diet should also work well.

No more nagging! At least building a house chore routine will throw the crazy negative thoughts away from you, reduce your mental stress and induce productivity.

We found more stress coping strategies for you on the Healthline website Here.

9.Skip a meal

hungry south africa GIF by #PRAY4SA

Ever tried leaving your gut empty for few hours? Amazingly, keeping your stomach light is a great way to prevent tiredness, inactivity, weight gain and bloating, experts suggest.

Skipping our lunch brought massive difference to our health-in a positive way. We successfully reduced our weight and maintained body composition.

But we faced few challenges-we used to feel little dizzy and lightheaded at first. By the dinner time, we got so much hungry that we ended up overeating, which is even worst because bloating hits hard!

Soon we learned the way out-eating snacks in between our meals.

You can avoid any sort of weakness by keeping healthy snack with you such as an apple or a banana, Greek Yogurt (Farmers Union plain yogurt), Oat bars (We like Uncle Tobys), low-sugar protein bars (we eat Carman’s) and no-sugar biscuits like plain Digestives biscuits (Mcvities Digestives).

10. Avoid oversleeping

Are you working from home? Rolling on the bed and on your laptop and mobile phone-not much physical activity is happening. Result-more frequent daytime naps!

Now it’s an unhealthy habit because the experts say that unless you’re sick (your body needs more sleep time), an 8-hour overnight sleep should be enough to stay healthy and productive throughout the day.

We remember having daytime fatigue-a pretty bad feeling that mostly prompted us to oversleep (because we were either doing nothing or just eating!) And so, we felt more tired, inactive, less productive, less focused and even crankier. 

We started engaging ourselves in various activities since, to avoid more groggy and crabby days. Writing this blog is indeed one of them! Thank God we’re right on the spot.

The final word

Self-care is essential for you and when it comes to maintaining the belly fat, no one wants to waste the effort made to shed it. Staying healthy while self-quarantined is no trouble and not tough at all-do little workouts and eat healthy, you’ll never be disappointed! By living a healthy lifestyle, you can always enjoy the real colours of life.

Thank you for reading our blog! We hope this was helpful for you.

We’d love to hear from you of the ways you’re managing to managing the weight loss while self-quarantined. Share in your comments below.