Today marked as one of the extraordinary days of my life when I can’t get enough of God’s blessings upon us. It’s not about wealth, nor is the fame. It’s not even about accomplishing targets. I don’t want to keep you overthinking or riddling, but before I tell you why I’m overjoyed, I want to tell you the background first.

So…for our Urdu/Hindi YouTube Channel, we had this in mind from way before, to throw some videos around MultiCulturalism in Australia, since our channel is mostly about the Australian lifestyle, Visas, Immigration and Travel. We were excited to start with a strong community because our subscribers and viewers may have high expectations surrounding our content. We have multiple friends from different backgrounds and corners of the world here in Sydney, the largest city in Australia. And large communities are based here for a long time. A few of those communities are Punjabis, Sikhs, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Indians, and don’t forget, our Pakistanis

First thing first, we contacted a little over 3-4 people from different backgrounds and asked to participate in our video. The aim was to include people from diverse backgrounds and record their reaction to Pakistani food, opinions, and experiences in Australia.

That sounds like fun, Isn’t it? The plan was to record the video on a single day and throw it on the channel in parts. By this point, both my husband and I couldn’t wait for my friends to respond. 

Now, it’s already been three days, and by far, no one responded. I was nervous about whether my husband and I are fortunate enough to achieve what we want. Inevitably, people loved our idea, but the only main issue is how much a person is comfortable being a part of a YouTube Video. 

I’m quite a camera-shy. Means whenever I’m supposed to talk in front of the camera, I tend to mix up my ideas, get confused, and above all, I get anxiety. I call this behavior as ‘Camera Anxiety’ in my words. My husband is lucky not to have this problem at all. I’m insecure with how comfortable he’s on the camera often lol.

Anyhow, I’m learning as the day goes, to overcome my fear of the camera, and I hope that one day, I’ll defeat my anxiety and become more confident, enthusiastic, and entertaining in a video. 

Coming back to the participants, I can completely understand their concerns. YouTube, being a public and free platform where millions of videos are watched every single day! We believe that it requires just one video for a creator to achieve not million then thousands of subscribers and viewers, but for that, they might have to keep posting videos consistently. I’ll come to that some other day when I’ll talk about How to Grow YouTube Channel in a different post.

What if one of our community videos go viral? What if they bring endless views to our video. So, the consent of participants is a must.

After five days since contacting friends, I got one confirmation. And that was from a NEPALESE friend!!

Yass!! The first community video is going to be along with my beautiful and honest Nepalese friend, Unisha. Both my husband and I were on Cloud nine. We were excited about the recording day, and we began planning our activities, challenges, and games for the video.

As of now, we’ve recorded the video, and we’ll publish once we finish the editing.

My whole point of telling you this story is not to promote our YouTube Channel, nor to tell you how our day went, but to inspire you with the power of exploration. Today when we shot our video, both me and the hubby were extremely glad to learn a new culture, a different country, and the different personality traits of people with diverse backgrounds. My Nepalese friend told us quite a lot about Nepal, the people, and its Culture, and she shared her experience as a Nepalese Student in Australia.

Since the outlook, we looked forward to gain immense knowledge about Nepal by exploring our friend’s thoughts about Australia.

Both of us also realized how important is the diversity of our society as a whole. Learning about different backgrounds provides a great deal of flexibility and support for each other! Exploring various backgrounds opens our minds, expands our thoughts, and creates a flexibility towards our actions and beliefs. Learning a new language to creating a strong bond with our fellow countrymen is fascinating in so many ways!

I hope that my Nepalese friend learned quite a lot about Pakistani Culture. My husband and I are quite confident that the whole Pakistani and Nepalese community will be entertained after watching our video.

So my post comes to an end now. Again, I hope that my post helps you learn the importance of diversity.

“It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.”
― Maya Angelou

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