Why we changed our Blog’s name?

Did you notice the changes visible on our blog right now? Wondering the reason behind the changes, the color theme, the font styles, and most importantly, the change of name?

It’s pretty clear that ultimately looks doesn’t matter for you, since this is not the first time you see this change. As a valuable follower, you embraced the changes we’ve advised you of on our previous post.

Now this time, we’re quite niching down our blog to inspire people to live a healthy, well, and lively lifestyle. And we commit to keep inspiring you for that because we’re inspired by what everyone calls ‘A healthy body, happy mind’ concept.

Blogging is a dynamic process (those of you blogging must have gone through these initial stages). There’s a constant hunger for passion needed to blog since it demands sleepless nights, immense efforts, and 24/7 attention and promotion. We often relate a Blog with a newborn child, so sensitive and attention seeker that as the blogger overlooks a little, the engagement with the followers weakens.

So, the best advice for a blogger to not get worn out is to write what they love writing. Writing is itself an art, a creation with no crafting material, but a laptop/desktop.

The name ‘Pink of Health’ has officially replaced ‘Bright Minds’ just for that reason. Pink of Health is an English Idiom to say ‘In a Good Health.’ It inspires us, and so if it inspires you as well, then you’re at the right place.

Nothing else has changed; we’re the same and will remain the same. And you will always be our precious follower. We love you for being here and for welcoming all these changes.

See you again,
Ashar and Sana

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Hi! We're Sana and Ashar, and welcome to our Health+lifestyle blog. We're a couple from Australia who are hoping to inspire people to adopt and maintain a Healthy Lifestyle. HEALTHY BODY, HAPPY MIND!!

7 thoughts on “Why we changed our Blog’s name?”

    1. 100%. I’m glad that you’ve made changes too. It’s important to feel comfortable in the blogging space, since we have so much to do here.


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